World Leader in Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company In India
Top automobile parts manufacturing company in India, generator manufacturers

The Indian manufacturing story has taken off in a big way and is marked by scalability, technological innovation and integration of advanced manufacturing technology in the process. With the GDP rising at a rate of 7.5%, India is on its way to become a hub of innovation and manufacturing. Manufacturing of automobile parts, generators and engines have come a long way in terms of scalability, product innovation, integration of automation and digitization of the sector etc. The one name that stands out in is Cooper Corporation, a Satara based manufacturing company who are into the designing, manufacturing and distribution of generators and automobile parts. As a top automobile parts manufacturing company in India, the company manufactures engines, engine components such as crankshafts, cylinder sleeves, flywheels and distributes them to some of the top Original Equipment manufacturers and automotive companies in the world. Cooper generators are known for their rare distinction of having been able to innovate high performance generators in diesel and Natural gas options.

World leader in Automobile parts manufacturing

With a manufacturing expertise spanning over five decades and integration of technological know-how from world over, Cooper Corporation is among the top automobile parts manufacturers and generator manufacturers of the country. The automotive space which contributes to nearly 50 percent of the company’s revenues have wide application in the marine and agricultural sector. The strong user base comprising of companies including Jaguar, Ford in the USA, Maruti Suzuki, Bajaj Auto, Caterpillar, Kawasaki in Japan etc., has strengthened the reachability to the right target audience. As one of the top automobile parts manufacturers, Cooper Corporation has an extensive portfolio of components including cylinder heads and cylinder blocks, valve seat inserts, flywheels, aluminium parts, anti-polishing ring, pistons. They also supply 100% of the export requirements of crankshafts to Cummins India Ltd., besides also having a rare distinction of being among the top three manufacturers of cylinder liners in India.

Design-collaboration and manufacturing expertise

Following the technical collaboration with Ricardo, UK, the company has expanded its range of engines and from 3.5 kva to 1,000 kva. The new engine variants will power applications for diverse sector including automotive, defence, construction equipment and agriculture. With the design expertise and from Ricardo, Cooper will now focus on the development of components for engine, assemble as well as conduct tests. Since the process of designing an engine takes anywhere upto 3 years, each stage is monitored and supervised for quality, precision and efficiency of the engines. As one of the biggest players in the industry, Cooper portfolio will include almost 75% of the range of products available in the market.

Wide range of diesel and natural gas generator sets

Cooper Corporation is the name associated among the top-class generator manufacturers in the country. They are known for the best-in-class diesel generators as well as for Natural gas generators in LPG/CNG variant engines. Recently they are the first in the industry to get approval from the ARAI-Automotive Research Association of India to develop a range of gas generator sets which comply with the new mass emission norms being administered by the Central Pollution control Board of India or the CPCB. The Cooper range of generators are available capacity varying between 10KVA-250 KVA and are used for a wide range of applications from home and domestic use to industrial applications, marine, infrastructure, agriculture and in construction. With substantially lower emission levels and integration of dynamic designs in generator manufacturing, Cooper generators have proved to be a boon for power-starved areas due to their low maintenance levels and high fuel efficiency.

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