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Cooper Corp is among the renowned Engine Component Manufacturers in India and an established global player in the industry. With manufacturing expertise spanning over five decades, the company manufactures engine and engine components for the automotive sector, manufacturing and marine sector among others. Owing to the demand for high-performance engines in the recent years, Cooper Corp has continually been focussing on the development, manufacture and supply of engines and vital engine components such as Cylinder liners, crankshafts, cylinder blocks and heads. Today, Cooper Corp employs more than 3,000 employees in its manufacturing and R&D centres located in Satara about 90 km from Pune in Maharashtra. Here these products are designed and engineered to perfection and are also made sure that they contribute to green energy revolution with low levels of carbon emissions. Cooper Corp has recently been conferred with Jaguar Land Rover Quality (JLR-Q) award for quality excellence. The company’s rapid development in the global market is a testimony of relentless commitment to quality, high skilled and well-qualified employees and consistently keeping pace with the technological advancements and changing market needs.

Wide range of product portfolio

Cooper Corp has a wide range of product portfolio ranging from diesel engines (CNG/LPG) and generators to cylinder liners or cylinder sleeves, cylinder blocks and heads, crankshafts etc., of varied capacity and power. During the last few decades, there has been a specific demand for high performance engines powered by green energy, which not only contribute to the cleaner, greener environment, but also contribute efficiently to smart technology backed, high performing engines. The product portfolio of the company includes 1,2,3,4,6 cylinder engines in Diesel, CNG &LPG variants, Generator sets, other engine parts like crankshafts, cylinder heads/blocks and flywheels. Cooper Corp ranks among top engine component manufacturers in India and worldwide and has a rare distinction of supplying 100% of the export requirements of crankshafts to Cummins India Ltd. Some of its key clientele includes automotive companies such as Jaguar, Ford in the USA, Maruti Suzuki and Bajaj Auto in India, Kawasaki in Japan etc.

Research and Indigenous product development

The overall growth and demand for better performing engines and high quality engine components has only translated to innovative technological development and indigenous product development. For these reasons and more, Cooper Corp has invested in a state-of-the-art government-approved R&D laboratory where efforts are made for the development of engine components that contribute to optimal engine performance. Its new CAE (Computer Aided Engineering technology) is developed in collaboration with Ricardo engineering that aims to incorporate latest technology as well as an efficient design for its engines and engine components. The development and manufacture of engine components are closely monitored to ensure consistency, precision and standardization.

Contribution to Clean energy

In its efforts to develop and manufacture innovative products, Cooper Corp also ensures that the engine components provide reliable solutions for high engine performance and cleaner emissions. With time-tested technology and emergence of Tier 4 engines, computer monitoring of real-time condition of the engine, adjustment of fuel/air mixture during combustion is now made possible at every stage of operation. To ensure such level of efficiency, all the engine components are tested at the initiation stage for quality and safety. To achieve this end, the in-house team of designers and product developers at Cooper corp ensure that the components contribute to the overall engine health and find means to maximize engine performance during the very states of product designing and manufacturing process.

Today, Cooper Corp is a name that is synonymous with quality and precision among the engine component manufacturers in India. From choosing the right alloy to withstand the engine stress, to the specification of engine cylinder, the products are designed on the basis of the accuracy of the machining, metallurgy and thickness of the material. Hence all the engines and engine components comply with the highest standards of performance and safety levels as much as they are in line with the clean energy norms. Cooper Corp is a global player in the engine and engine component segments and exports them to engine manufacturers and OEM’s across Europe, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Africa and the USA.

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