"On the strong foundation of its intrinsic strengths, the company has undertaken mega expansion and diversification projects to reap the rewards of synergies." The manufacturing systems at Cooper meet global benchmarks and comprise of state-of-the-art facilities for assembly and machining of major engine components.

In managing the foundry business profitably, Cooper Corporation has achieved excellent cost-effectiveness in factory operations through prudent cost control and optimal use of funds. Its centrifugal casting process ensures the manufacture of defect-free, wear-resistant and durable castings, and the machining process deploys superior quality machines to meet environmental/international norms.

The company ensures perfect synchronisation between its manufacturing and engineering operations. Most of the tooling is made and calibrated in-house on world-class equipment, substantially reducing the lead time in tailor-made production, either made to customer specifications or engineered for their applications.

All equipment for casting, machining and quality control have been sourced from leading suppliers in India and overseas to ensure very high levels of efficiency and reliability.

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