The crankshafts are mainly manufactured by forging and spheroidising cast iron which is then machined through a very critical machining process. Cooper is one of the experienced crankshaft manufacturers in India. Crankshafts are designed based on the engine requirements and ranges from single to multiple cylinders. The pin diameter, main diameter, throw, pin and main width, and surface finishes are the critical components of a crankshaft. All crankshafts are induction hardened to main and pin diameter at 50~60 HRC.

The Cooper Corporation is equipped with casting and other support facilities for manufacturing S.G. Iron Crankshafts. We use a CNC Sander and Super-finishing Machine in our production process and expect to install an Induction Hardening Machine very soon.

We supply crankshafts both in India and to an international client base for automotive, marine and industrial applications.

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