Farrokh N. Cooper – The Architect of the Cooper Corporation

After the sudden demise of Nariman Cooper in 1944 and Sir Dhanjisha in 1947, the Cooper family remained dormant for over a decade. Sam Cooper, the elder son of Nariman Cooper, started a small engineering unit named Satara Industrial Works in 1960. In 1968 Sam Cooper met with an unfortunate serious accident which paralyzed him physically necessitating Mr. Farrokh Cooper who was engaged in farming till then to enter the engineering business.

After the deaths of Nariman Cooper and Sir Dhanjisha in 1947, Homai Cooper, Farrokh Cooper’s mother, had the option to shift to Bombay, but she thoughtfully decided to continue staying at Satara to bring up the children, and bring back past glory to the family. While the Cooper family went through an arduous struggle during the period, Farrokh Cooper played a crucial role to bring back stability to the family for almost two decades.

Though Farrokh Cooper’s formal education though was in agriculture, through grit and hard work, he acquired engineering/technical expertise to run and grow the engineering enterprises. With his social commitment and trust in people, he nurtured the organization to create lasting values and for this mission he thoughtfully chose Satara and people of Satara.

His agricultural background with an innate earthly common sense were gainfully utilized. The basic agricultural processes for ploughing and tilling helped him prepare human minds for cultivation, sowing good seeds of thoughts, fertilizing minds, removing weeds of negative thoughts and carefully nurturing people’s morale and motivation. This has ultimately helped in building the Cooper work culture and reap the bumper crop of business results.

A man of wit, Farrokh wins hearts of the audience and quickly establishes a cord of close relations. He has received many social awards which recognize his contribution to the community, like the Prestigious Lifetime Achievement award from the Times Group, Satara Jeevan Gaurav from Udayanraje Cultural Foundation, Jeevan Gaurav from Kodoli Grampanchayat and so on.

Farrokh is straightforward and a man of convictions, He acts confidently and is sharply focused on his goals. For him, no amount of progress is really enough - he always looks ahead of the immediate future. Being an organized planner, he undertakes large projects and achieves success consistently. His strategic skills and leadership qualities are quite extraordinary. After initial struggling to streamline operations at Satara Industrial works, Farrokh Cooper founded a new company and started a foundry in 1984 in Satara MIDC for manufacturing liners for Cummins India and furthered the name of Cooper as a quality supplier.

As economic reforms initiated by the Indian government in the early nineties ushered in globalization, opening up growth opportunities in global market, Farrokh was quick to sense these opportunities and planned strategies for business growth. He modernized and expanded capacities, taking employees and other stakeholders along for optimum gain.

Farrokh trusts people, and in turn, people trust him. He gives people freedom and support, and when they achieve milestones, he is there to acknowledge and recognize. If any employee or his dependent is seriously ill, Farrokh is quick enough to provide financial support for the best treatment available. His philanthropic attitude is not only limited to his employees, but extends to the whole of Satara. Many needy and poor persons have availed financial assistance from him to come out of serious illnesses and have a new lease of life.

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