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India has long been a hub of manufacturing of automotive and automotive components, engines and other products of industrial and domestic use. With impetus given for manufacturing, renowned companies like Cooper Corporation have shown consistent growth in sales of generators, engines and engine components. Today, the name Cooper is associated with trust, quality and excellence in manufacturing. As one of the top generator manufacturers of the country, the company has been manufacturing diesel generators and has during the recent decades introduced gas powered generators in their portfolio. As one of the top gas and diesel engine manufacturers of the country, their products are used for a wide range of applications ranging from marine segment to infrastructure, generators, automotive segment, agriculture etc. With a wide distribution network nationally and across the globe, Cooper Corporation has set a benchmark for its peers to follow in the years to come.

Cooper Generators are known for their quick-pick up, dynamic designs and efficiency in technology. Cooper generators form a critical user base with varied applications which include domestic users, hospitality and service sector, manufacturing and infrastructure as well. With an increase in user base for gas generators, Cooper Corporation has introduced generators that have high fuel efficiency, emit lower levels of carbon as well as ensure stability during power outage and fluctuations. The company is among the first in India among generator manufacturers to get approval from the ARAI-Automotive Research Association of India to develop generators ranging from 10 kva to 250 kva which comply with the environmental norms. The Cooper range of generators have efficient fuel capacity ranging from 1.2L to 7.8L and are fitted with 2,3,4 and 6 cylinder, inline, 4 strokes diesel/LPG/Natural Gas engines which makes them super-efficient, quick and dynamic.

Cooper engines is featured prominently among the list of Diesel Engine Manufacturers in India. Their engines are available in Diesel/Natural Gas/LPG variants and are used for a wide range of applications including manufacture of generators, agriculture, infrastructure applications and other industrial uses. Cooper engines are available in 2-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder engines with capacity ranging from 10 kva to 250 kva. With the recent shift in consumer preferences, the company has been catering to the growing demand for engines which comply with the environmental norms.

While Cooper is one of the pioneers in engine and engine component segment, more than 80 percent of the business is contributed by engine components with an equal portion accruing from diesel engines and CNG engine portfolio. The engine component portfolio includes cylinders, cylinder liners, crankshafts, flywheels, pistons etc. These engine components are used by the Original Equipment manufacturers and other automotive companies. Cooper Grip design is the indigenously developed liner in place of pressed liner design that is now being exported to the rest of the world. The main USB of the company is that 70 percent of the components used in the engines are manufactured by Cooper itself. Some of the areas of core capabilities in the engine components segment include centrifugal casting, sand casting, CNC & Robotic Machining Lines, Crankshafts machining engineering, product and material development.

With the state-of-art infrastructure, technology and expertise, Cooper Corporation is among the reputed generator manufacturers , engines and engine components manufactures in the country that has carved a place for itself in the domestic and international markets. With a manufacturing history spanning over five decades, the company which was once known as a leader among Diesel engine manufacturers has diversified its portfolio extensively adding engines in gas variants and engine components for various applications. They are the largest employers in the region, the company employs 3,500 people from the local talent across its 11 factories in Satara. Today Cooper Corporation is the name that is a symbol of trust, integrity and workmanship, while their products are known to be the-best in class in terms of workability and efficiency are concerned.

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