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The Automobile Component manufacturing industry in India is marked by product innovation, technological revolution, high scalability and sustainable employment. With the rise in demand from the global markets, some of the engine component manufacturers in India have achieved global competence and expertise. The name that stands out here is Cooper Corporation. As a top automobile parts manufacturing company in India , the company has seen healthy and robust growth over the last couple of years. With technical expertise coupled with manufacturing excellence and a strong team of professionals, the company has positioned itself as a market leader when it comes to the manufacturing of engines, generators and engine components. With the initial beginnings as India’s earliest Diesel Engine manufacturers , Cooper Corporation has diversified by including a wide range of product portfolio that includes generators, engines and engine components. They have, in the making put the company on the global map by supplying end-product to Engine manufacturing companies worldwide.

Rewriting India’s Manufacturing Story

Today, Cooper Corporation is among the top automobile parts manufacturing companies in India where almost 60% of the company revenues are generated from auto components-a stream that was entered into nearly five decades back and the rest from the engine basket. The engine components segment includes a range of products such as crankshafts, cylinder liners, cylinder sleeves, flywheels etc. As one of the key engine component manufacturers of India, the company is a chosen manufacturing partner for companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, General Electric, KTM, Ford in the US, Kawasaki in India and Japan, Bajaj Auto and Maruti Suzuki among others. Ushering in the clean energy technology, the company has introduced the CNG/LPG options for engine and engine components that are in tune with the green revolution.

The engine component segment in India has been rising at a steady pace recording 18.3% growth during the year 2018 and is slated to grow at a steady pace in the years to come. As one of the earliest diesel engine manufacturers, Cooper has developed over 30 different engines in four years in association with Ricardo, UK and has thus, grown to be a global player in this sector. Whether it engines or automobile components, exports take place without any clinch as the Cooper products comply with the respective environmental regulations and emission norms of respective countries. Cooper’s engine components portfolio includes a range of products such as crankshafts, cylinder liners, cylinder sleeves, pistons, flywheels- all of which are manufactured in Satara and supplied worldwide for various automotive OEM’s.

As one of the top engine component manufacturers of India, the company makes sure that the right alloy/ high quality ductile iron is used in the manufacturing process of engine components. Thus the health of the engine and the life of the components are optimal. Adaptation of future requirements and technology up gradation well in advance has always been emphasized by the company. In its attempt to keep pace with the present times, the company’s state of the art R&D unit is a testimony to the efforts made by Cooper Corporation to explore possibilities of development of new products.

Going global

With India’s manufacturing story getting global recognition in recent years, companies like Cooper Corporation has achieved a rare distinction of being able to manufacture products that are in tune with global manufacturing standards. As one of the best Diesel engine manufacturers, the company supplies engines for varied industry and applications such as agriculture, marine and aerospace, automobile companies and other OEM across the world. Almost 70 percent of the engine components used by Cooper Corporation for the manufacture of generators or engines are also manufactured at their own foundry. This is the main USP of the Cooper products. In the process, there is better quality control, a constant effort for product innovation and improvement, better pricing and standardization of products.

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