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Cooper Generators is a name that is symbolic with quality, trust, and advanced technology in India and the rest of the world. With a wide range of options to choose from, the company Cooper Corporation has been designing, manufacturing and distributing diesel and gas generators for powering homes or other turnkey projects. The company’s manufacturing expertise has translated into its capacity to successfully integrate modern technology in its manufacturing domain for Cooper engines , Cooper generators and engine components. The company today employs more than 3,000 personnel across its manufacturing and R&D facilities based out of Satara, Maharashtra. The state-of-the-art R&D facility bears the testimony of the company’s efforts to indigenously develop technological solutions for advanced manufacturing processes and to build better products.

Cooper Generators - lighting homes and infrastructure projects In its efforts to provide effective power back-up solution, Cooper Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying diesel and gas generators for industries, agriculture use, domestic homes and service industry of varied capacity ranging from 10 kva to 250 kva. They are fitted with a 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinder, in-line, 4 stroke engines that make the generators work at its optimal capacity. Recently, the company has been given approval from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to develop and supply gas generators that are certified to be compliant with emission norms by the Central Pollution Control Board of India. The company has a great distribution and sales network of over 80 dealers with over 200 touch points nationally. Each of their generators is individually tested for fuel efficiency, clean air emission regulations, quick response among others.

Cooper generators are not only cost-effective solution to combat power shortage, but are also fuel efficient and comply with the global emission norms. They are the first among generator manufacturers to develop the new ECOPACK series of generators that are in compliance with the Euro IV, US EPA, Tier IV interim and CPCB 2 norms. As one of the key Generator manufacturers, Cooper Corporation prides itself of having its own R&D team where the generators and engines are built from scratch in collaboration with the engineering and consultancy firm Ricardo, UK. Since designing of an engine is often a long-drawn process taking upto three years that involves designing, proving, tooling and compatibility with the emission norms. The wide availability of the Cooper generators bears testimony to the dynamic design and careful planning to reduce sound and harmful gas emissions. The name Cooper today is recognized as one of the generator manufacturers in India who combine advanced technology, dynamic design and long-lasting engine life.

Cooper Engines-Symbol of trust and quality

Having said this, Cooper Corporation is a global leader when it comes to engine manufacturing. The company manufactures Cooper Engines and engine components for varied use and applications. The company has developed a full range of Cooper engines ranging from 5hp to 1000 hp and has been expanding to the small engine segment in recent times. These engines have found their application for marine, agricultural and automotive applications across the world. The indigenously developed Cooper engines have found their application in the manufacture of Cooper generators. Great eye for detail and precision technology, cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency, clean energy compatibility are some of the many more aspects that are borne in mind in the manufacture of Cooper engines. During the recent times, the CNG and diesel engines are being exported to the US and are also supplied to the automotive manufacturers and OEM’s in Europe, Africa, China, Srilanka and the Middle East. Cooper Corporation has always been at forefront of contemporary technology, in developing innovative designs and products that are well in compliance with the clean emission norms administered by the respective countries of the world. The development of products, execution of manufacturing, quality testing and distribution network is closely monitored to ensure standardization of products and timely delivery of goods. Today Cooper Corporation is named among the renowned engine and generator manufacturers of the world, well-known for quality, consistency and trust.

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